"State-of-the-art" from JAPAN through YAMAGUCHI to the World

Company Profile

Yamaguchi Sangyo partners with its customers and suppliers, to deliver world class equipment solutions for compounding, extrusion, textiles and alignment.
Yamaguchi is a bridge between Japan and the world, delivering leading edge to technology leaders.


Yamaguchi-Tufting Machine
Tufting equipment is what launched the Yamaguchi business in 1980. Yamaguchi's expertise in the textile industry has led to the development of high speed and patterned industrial tufting systems for the carpet industry, Yamaguchi systems are used all over the world to produce premium multi pile height carpets.
Technovel Corporation-Micro-Compounder
Technovel is Japan's leading innovator in multi-screw polymer compounding technology.
From bioabsorbable materials to fluoropolymers, from medical devices to nano materials research
From micro-sized twin screw to high volume industrial compounding systems
Technovel is enabling technology leaders with twin screw, four screw and eight screw custom compounding solutions.
Tabata Industrial Machinery Co.,Ltd.-PTFE past extruder
Tabata has redefined precision in PTFE extrusion equipment, delivering tolerances that were never before possible.
Tabata's equipment delivers unprecedented control in ram travel speed.
High reliabilty and reduced maintenance expenses are added benefits to Tabata PTFE extruders.
For PTFE fine powder processing, Tabata preformers deliver concentric, uniform preforms required for quality extrusions.